This is a concept philanthropic program.

There are three ideas driving my motivation for this:

  • 1. Raise money as a group, by contributions and donor matching; money to be used for various causes decided by participants of this program
  • 2. Provide awareness and extra motivation to participate in events
  • 3. Develop the foundation for a grassroots program, starting with a charter participants group, with the aim of presenting this to established non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations as a model piggyback program

The idea is to piggyback on any walk/run/cycle events you participate in during the summer and throughout the year (e.g., Heart Mini, Flying Pig, Kicks for Kids, Morning Glory Ride).

Basically, here’s how this works:

  • You participate in any event (e.g., Heart Mini, Flying Pig) individually or as part of a group
  • You log the event/miles and contribute $1 per mile and $10 per event to this program
  • All monies contributed will be matched 1:1 (by me and/or additional donors)
  • Annually, all money raised will be used for a cause(s) decided by participants of this program

This piggyback approach means you are independently participating in events and helping this grassroots, philanthropic program.

Here’s a breakdown of how this program can easily generate $1000:

  • One person participating in just 3 events over the course of the summer, walking/running just 3 miles each event, will contribute $39 ($10 x 3 events, plus $9 for miles)
  • With only 12 people participating, that is a total of $468 contributed
  • Every dollar from event and miles contribution is matched
  • Total amount raised $936 (with individual contributions of only $39)
  • If each of the 12 people find one additional participant, we can easily raise ~$2000

This website will display a tally of the number of participants, events, miles covered, etc., and provide a source for identifying events to participate in and other information.

~12 people have been asked to participate as a core group.  If this grassroots program is successful, my intention is to present it as a package (i.e., concept, structure, website) to established non-profit 501(c)(3) organizations as a model piggyback program.

There is no commitment by joining, and I encourage you to share this with friends, family, and co-workers; with the example above, you can see how quickly money can be raised and how as a group we can support various causes.

In addition to participating, I am asking for your help in developing this program. You can share any ideas with me by selecting the 'Click here' link on the bottom left of this page.  Some things you can begin to share with me are:

  • ideas for a name
  • ideas about this program and ways to develop it
  • any additional events you know of
  • potential sponsors
  • creative and design help for this pamphlets, brochures, logos, diagrams, etc.

Thank you-